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Know Your Woods: A Complete Guide to Trees, Woods, and VeneersKnow Your Woods

A Complete Guide to Trees, Woods, and Veneers
This book traces different varieties of lumber from the forest to the sawmill to the craftsman's workshop.

Every person interested in the broad subject of woods, their identification, characteristics, and uses, will find this book a revelation. The information is presented in clear, non-technical style.

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The Encyclopedia Of Wood: A Tree-By-Tree Guide To The World's Most Versatile ResourceThe Encyclopedia Of Wood

A Tree-By-Tree Guide To The World's Most Versatile Resource
Richly enhanced with outstanding maps, photos, and illustrations, explain tree anatomy, tree growth, wood grain, logging practices, conservation, and the various processes for seasoning and preservation. Well written and beautifully presented. The real treasure, however, is the "Directory of Wood" section ...

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The Real Wood Bible: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Using 100 Decorative WoodsThe Real Wood Bible

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Using 100 Decorative Woods
A comprehensive handbook for woodworkers, crafters, carpenters, and interior designers. Illustrated A-Z guide to the world's most popular woods, shown with a color illustration demonstrating the true look and beauty of the finished and unfinished grain.

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What Wood Is That?: A Manual of Wood IdentificationWhat Wood Is That?

This remarkable collection of forty actual wood samples shows the color, grain, and texture of the leading varieties. Detailed drawings identify uncut, unfinished trees by their leaves, fruits, and bark.

This book is the history of man's use of wood from the Stone Age ax to modern-day conservation issues and rare rain-forest species. An invaluable resource for builders, homeowners, and hobbyists and a fascinating companion for forest guides and nature lovers.

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Harvesting Urban Timber: A Guide to Making Better Use of Urban Trees
Urban Timber
World Woods in Color
World Woods
in Color
Wood: Identification & Use
Identification & Use
Finishing & Refinishing Wood: Techniques & Projects for Fine Wood Finishes
& Refinishing Wood
Creating the Perfect Wood Finish with Joe L Erario (Popular Woodworking)
Creating the Perfect
Wood Finish
Foolproof Wood Finishing: For Those Who Love to Build and Hate to Finish
Wood Finishing


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